Video Equipment



(4) 20x Sony XDCam’s w/ SDI/HDMI Output
(1) Tricaster 455 Switcher
(1) 7D w/ Multiple Lenses
(4) Senheiser G3 Lavalier Mics
(5) 5600k Lighting
(5) Director Chairs (Black)
(1) Kessler 12 ft Crane
(1) 3 ft Kessler Slider
(1) Kessler K-Pod
(1) GMC Production Ready Truck w/ Light Trailer
(3) 100 ft SDI Cable
(3) 50 ft SDI Cable
(1) 8X10 Banner Frame
(3) 40 in Insignia HD TV
(1) 6 Channel audio switchboard
(1) Wireless Photo Printer

A you looking for a live video production company that offers live video streaming services? Look no more! We offer the best video production rates as a verified video production company. If we don’t have it in stock, we will rent it for the job. We are based in central Florida and are willing to travel for the video production job. Currently, we are based out of Silver Springs, the very first place an underwater camera was used. Our camera system was engineered to produce live wedding streaming, concert video production, live corporate meetings, sporting events, and so much more! Are you curious what the best gear is to use? If you Read below for our FAQ section you will learn more.

1. What is the best live video gear?

Depending on your needs and experience, there are different solutions. We have engineered a system that is scaleable and easily managed by a small crew. This helps us keep costs down.

2. How many people on a crew does it take to provide live video services?

Each moving camera needs a person. If the tricaster is used, you can expect to see switchboard operator expenses added to the job quote.

3. What bandwidth do you need for live video streaming?

Depending on the quality of video being served to the internet, This will vary. Different networks require a certain codec and data range. The XDCams are capable of sending a H.264 signal.

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